Monday, December 5, 2011

Heppie Yippie's Desember Playlist

Ini beberapa album yang ada di playlist yang selalu nemenin aku ditengah deadline ketat akhir- akhir ini (curcol dikit). Beberapa ada yang memang suka sama band/penyanyinya dan ada juga yang hanya lagunya saja yang aku favorit. So, this is the list

1. Kings Of Convenience

Menduduki peringkat pertama di playlistnya Heppie Yippie, kalau yang ini memang suka bandnya jadi sebagian besar dari lagunya suka semua. Bergenre british-indie folk pop terdiri dari Erlend Øye dan Eirik Glambek Bøe. Lagu recommended Desember ini dari mereka adalah " Me In You " dan " Mrs. Cold ". Terutama MV "Me in You" yang berlokasi di Bergen, Norwegia yang keren banget. Jadi pengen kesana habis liat MVnya, mungkin itu salah satu trik mereka buat mempromosikan Norwegia. Nih, kalau gak percaya lihat MVnya.

2. The Trees and The Wild

And the second one is The Trees and The Wild, atau akrab disebut TTATW masuk band favorit aku juga. Hampir semua lagu yang mereka bawakan enak didengar. Band indie ini hampir sedikit mirip Kings of Convenience kalau menurut aku, cuma bedanya ada beberapa "bumbu" Indonesia disitu khususnya di lagu "Our Roots", itu juga masuk salah satu lagu playlist aku.

Berikut penampakan Remedy, Andra, Iga, Tyo, dan Tami 

3. Yoko Kanno

Dan playlist Heppie Yippie berikutnya adalah lagu karya dari Yoko Kanno, cewek yang lahir 47 tahun lalu di Miyagi Prefecture, Jepang ini adalah composer dan musisi yang karyanya menghiasi sebagian besar film, anime, dan video game di Jepang. Karyanya yang sebagian besar easy-listening itu betah banget di telingaku. 

Dan salah satu favoritku adalah kolaborasi antara Yoko Kanno ft. Aoi Teshima


Dan yang terakhir dari playlist Heppie Yippie yang gak sengaja ketemu waktu browsing tentang Asian Music Award. Adalah Aziatix yang terdiri dari Flowsik, Nicky Lee, dan -si cakep- Eddie Shin. Genre mereka adalah RnB, dan mungkin sepintas mirip dengan Far East Movement. Grup mereka ini masih tergolong baru yaitu Maret 2011 -CMIIW-   tapi sudah memperoleh penghargaan sebagai Penyanyi Asia terbaik dan sekarang sedang melebarkan sayapnya ke Amerika. Cool ! 

Dan lagu favoritku dari mereka adalah " Slippin' Away " 

Masih banyak lagi lagu di playlistnya Heppie Yippie, tapi baru aku review 4 dulu yang aku favorit banget. See you on January playlist ;D 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Girl with Roses"

This artwork i drew last week for ORarT ORET's art-exhibition in their first anniversary, Congratulation OO ! ^^. ORarT ORET is an art community in my town, and after a year we are growing up together and i have known so much people who are very talented artist and i learned so much things from them, i should called them a senior at art major :)
And the artwork that i have submitted is using tea (again). i don't why but i am so crazy and deeply in love with the brown color that the tea has, and the mixed color with the red and blue watercolor is just so awesome. I planned to have my own art-exhibition using tea :D (ameen)
In this post, i show some WIP. I just sketched a portrait of a random model in a magazine, and random flower and the things on some books and magazine also.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Twilight Sky

Hi ! Lately i often make a painting, specially an abstract style. That's just because I've got some inspired, and i can't bear to paint it. And here I go, after listening to some easy-listening music that I usually hear before i started to make some artwork. It maybe sounds ridiculous but when I started to paint, and then I prepared all the things. Instead of start to paint, I put on my headset and started to play my playlist on my phone and then I lied down, and stretched my hand. Yap, kind a odd but that's what i am doing to get some inspiration.
Anyway, this is my new painting made from tea (again) and some of watercolor in a small canvas like approximately 17 x 25 cm. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sky is Crying

Last weekend, I decided to make some abstract painting that I've never done before. Maybe i just get bored with my semi-realistic style and then I wanted  to try something new. While I listening "Because" by Aoi Teshima feat Yoko Kanno, and then I've got inspired and then I started to draw this things. Because of I don't have any easel, so I stuck it in the mirror at my garage Hehe...

 And  this is my best fellow, Pentel Watercolor Paste !

And tis one is the close up picture, I use Canson Watercolor paper on this painting. I always use Canson watercolor paper for my watercolor painting cause it'll absorb the liquid very quickly.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Carne Griffiths's Tea Painting

As my promise yesterday about posting some of Carne Griffiths artwork in my blogpost. Here are some wonder full tea painting from Carne Griffiths and lightbox.

The Ligthboxes 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

 And this one is called "Undergrowth" which is an installation  drawing made in ink and tea during the Leytonstone Art Trail in 2011

Oww! and don't forget to vote his artwork, but you need to log in first


You can find other Carne Griffiths's artwork here :
Web │ deviantART │ Twitter

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Grand Opening "Heppie Yippie Shop"

Hai Fellow !

It's a long time since i post something to my blog. I am a very lazy blogger -______-,
That's because i am kind a busy with college paper and doing things in my new shop ! (diversion mode : on )
This past 2 months, I opened a new Online Shop called "Heppie Yippie Shop" which is sell many handmade and eco-friendly bag. It's a combination of Embroidery and Quilt. Next time, i want to make a pouch and a pencil case. I bet you can't resist that cuteness :3

We always update some new stuff at Sunday, so stay tune at our shop to get our lastest product :)

find us at :

Here are some of my product, I just make 1 design for 1 bag so no one would equate it :D

Happy Shopping Fellows ! :3

Friday, August 26, 2011

"Owl Forest"

I watched "The Guardians of Gahool" last month, and then i was totally amazed with the owl things XD...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Faces - Painting with tea

I inspired by Carne Griffiths's artwork, you can see his artwork here 
He use pencil, ink, and tea for his artwork. And some beverages like vodka and some alcohol.
Then i decided to make some of artwork made by tea.

Setelah saya coba coba melukis mengunakan media teh, hasilnya seperti ini... *jjeng jreng

Dan liat juga work in progress-nya yah ;)

I'll post some post about Carne Griffiths's artwork later ;)
Thanks for viewing :D

Friday, March 4, 2011

Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of Love. 
Pursuit of Glory. 
Pursuit of Joy. 
Pursuit of Adventure... 
...and all of that is about "Pursuit of Happiness "

I have no idea about my way to get that happiness. Actually i don't know what the happiness means.
Everybody have their own description about happiness.

Find your own description about happiness, then you will find the way to pursuit of your own happiness...

-Tya Kadiasti

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hijab Fashion

Hi.... I am trying to make some design about Hijab Fashion. i totally inspired by Hana Tajima. She is soo pretty and cool, her design is fabulous, i am totally in love with her design ♥

And i decided to make some of my original design, which is totally like a mess. Because this is the first time i design some cloth specially with hijab. But that was fun, i planned to draw some design again if i have much time. Because next week is the beginning of my new semester of this year. Fighting! \(^0^)/

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Honey and Clover

This is an old stuff, i forgot when i drew this, but i love this drama. Cause the story is about the art student :). This drama is actually from manga.  And the genius behind this drama is Umino Chica.
She is a Japanese female manga artist, designer, and an illustrator. This "Honey and Clover" has been awarded by Kodansha Manga Award

See also on my deviantART


This is my submission for a poster contest, the theme is creativity that build the world.
So i have an idea with the hand that symbolize creativity itself, and i use pshycedelic too on colors and typography. 
Wish me luck ;))

See also on my deviantART
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