Thursday, November 15, 2012

Daily Sketch on Holiday

A bit bore at holiday, i tried to learn to make a caricature of a photo with my friends. Waktu itu kita lagi gaje gaje abis kuliah, terus foto-foto gaje juga. Aaaa.. miss that time and them so much :*. We have some quality time back there, we are now have some things to do on our own after we graduate. But sometimes we always have a chat and meet up together.

and some bonus

To my dearest Aunty

My Aunty asked me to make sketches of her photo, a little bit messed in some part. Dan begitu saya tunjukkan gambarnya ke tante, tante saya gak mau soalnya mukanya jadi mirip omas. Dan disuruh bikin ulang, tapi saya-nya ogah :P

My dearest Aunty :*

Sketch bikinan saya yang katanya mirip omas

Friday, October 26, 2012

Jungle World and My First Exhibition

OMG! it has been about 4 months i have never blogging, a little bit busy with  my thesis and my shop. And finally, i will graduate soon on 31st October. So excited after struggling in about 6 months working with my project and my thesis, and it was pay off with my graduation.
Yaay! and welcome to the real jungle Tya (T__T) I will enter a battle of seeking job field, a lot of student graduate in this year, offer 200 from my university and countless from other university. And i have to fight with offer 200 people to get one job, is that make sense? Ready or not, that is my life that i had to travel.
Oouw.. and finally i have done my illustration on my late post, so here is my final illustration. Taraaa

This Illustration has been perform at my first exhibition on August, so here is a bit report of my collaboration exhibition with my besties 

(from left to right) Me, Moyo, Washi

Me with my painting

Some of visitors and Moyo's painting

bilang "Kejuuu"

Alhamdulillah our exhibition has been featured on Suara Merdeka

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Work in Progress

Have you been at the times when you've got inspired and then you grab your pencil and some paper then start sketching something. But in the middle of that time, at the moment you put it off and decided to continue it later but it never finished. Yeah.. it happened to me at sometimes.
If you want to make some art, do it at that time when you got inspired. Do not postponed it, if you have time finish it as soon as possible.

This is some of my "work in progress", i hope it can be finish... soon... yeap. I hope procrastination time won't bothering me again :P

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sharing with the community art

Waaa i am a very very very lazy blogger, am i?? This is past a month 'or more' since the last post, lately i was busy at some paper and prepare to my final project on my college. Yap this is my last semester on my college, missed all friends and the things *hiks* and welcome to the wild  job-seeking world. Oww, i forgot to say Happy Very Late New Year :D

At the late post, which is i painted The girl with roses i mentioned a community art called ORArT ORET which is based in Semarang.  ORArT ORET is a community art that... umm the founders-i called him Mas Dadang-said that  ORArT ORET is not based on community but a place that everyone can have their own style, their own perception, and their own way to express their passion about art. Not just like a community that have a particularly style, this ORArT ORET set the member free to express their art. Not just a live sketcher but also some photographer, and a cartoonist, from professional to an amateur like me.

It's me and my friend Iesha
This one is some of my live sketches that i drew during the ORArT ORET's event that held every two weeks at a different places near Semarang or the other places.

If you are an art lover and loved to doing some sketches, drawing, or photograph or just want to chat and sharing things with us. Just simply join us :)

Find ORaRT-ORET's on :
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