Friday, October 26, 2012

Jungle World and My First Exhibition

OMG! it has been about 4 months i have never blogging, a little bit busy with  my thesis and my shop. And finally, i will graduate soon on 31st October. So excited after struggling in about 6 months working with my project and my thesis, and it was pay off with my graduation.
Yaay! and welcome to the real jungle Tya (T__T) I will enter a battle of seeking job field, a lot of student graduate in this year, offer 200 from my university and countless from other university. And i have to fight with offer 200 people to get one job, is that make sense? Ready or not, that is my life that i had to travel.
Oouw.. and finally i have done my illustration on my late post, so here is my final illustration. Taraaa

This Illustration has been perform at my first exhibition on August, so here is a bit report of my collaboration exhibition with my besties 

(from left to right) Me, Moyo, Washi

Me with my painting

Some of visitors and Moyo's painting

bilang "Kejuuu"

Alhamdulillah our exhibition has been featured on Suara Merdeka
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