Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Girl with Roses"

This artwork i drew last week for ORarT ORET's art-exhibition in their first anniversary, Congratulation OO ! ^^. ORarT ORET is an art community in my town, and after a year we are growing up together and i have known so much people who are very talented artist and i learned so much things from them, i should called them a senior at art major :)
And the artwork that i have submitted is using tea (again). i don't why but i am so crazy and deeply in love with the brown color that the tea has, and the mixed color with the red and blue watercolor is just so awesome. I planned to have my own art-exhibition using tea :D (ameen)
In this post, i show some WIP. I just sketched a portrait of a random model in a magazine, and random flower and the things on some books and magazine also.

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