Thursday, November 15, 2012

Daily Sketch on Holiday

A bit bore at holiday, i tried to learn to make a caricature of a photo with my friends. Waktu itu kita lagi gaje gaje abis kuliah, terus foto-foto gaje juga. Aaaa.. miss that time and them so much :*. We have some quality time back there, we are now have some things to do on our own after we graduate. But sometimes we always have a chat and meet up together.

and some bonus

To my dearest Aunty

My Aunty asked me to make sketches of her photo, a little bit messed in some part. Dan begitu saya tunjukkan gambarnya ke tante, tante saya gak mau soalnya mukanya jadi mirip omas. Dan disuruh bikin ulang, tapi saya-nya ogah :P

My dearest Aunty :*

Sketch bikinan saya yang katanya mirip omas

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