Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sharing with the community art

Waaa i am a very very very lazy blogger, am i?? This is past a month 'or more' since the last post, lately i was busy at some paper and prepare to my final project on my college. Yap this is my last semester on my college, missed all friends and the things *hiks* and welcome to the wild  job-seeking world. Oww, i forgot to say Happy Very Late New Year :D

At the late post, which is i painted The girl with roses i mentioned a community art called ORArT ORET which is based in Semarang.  ORArT ORET is a community art that... umm the founders-i called him Mas Dadang-said that  ORArT ORET is not based on community but a place that everyone can have their own style, their own perception, and their own way to express their passion about art. Not just like a community that have a particularly style, this ORArT ORET set the member free to express their art. Not just a live sketcher but also some photographer, and a cartoonist, from professional to an amateur like me.

It's me and my friend Iesha
This one is some of my live sketches that i drew during the ORArT ORET's event that held every two weeks at a different places near Semarang or the other places.

If you are an art lover and loved to doing some sketches, drawing, or photograph or just want to chat and sharing things with us. Just simply join us :)

Find ORaRT-ORET's on :


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